CPU: Intel® Atom™ E3900 Processor (Apollo Lake)
CPU Choice: Quad Core (x7-E3950), Dual Core (x5-E3930)
Chipset: Intel® SoC
RAM: Up to 8GB LPDDR4 soldered
LAN: 2x GbLAN (Intel)
Graphic: DVI 1920x1080 @60Hz 24bpp; Supports VGA/CRT
USB: USB 2x3.0, 2x2.0
COM: No external COM
PSU Input: PSU onboard wide range DC input
Internal-Connectors (SBC onboard)
LAN: 1x GbLAN Intel
Graphic: 1x DVI/HDMI/DP via I-PEX Option (HDMI max. 3840x2160 @30Hz, DP max. 4096x2160 @60Hz)
USB: 4x USB2.0 via FCI Option; 1x USB3.0 via I-PEX Option
Storage: 2x SATA (6Gb/s) (RAID 0/1)
Storage: No additional Storage
Serial COM: 1x COM RS232 via FCI Option
Audio: 1x HD Audio via FCI Option
I/O Expansion: No additional I/O Expansion
PCIe Expansion: 1x 2x40 pin PCIe (1x1)
GPIO: 1x GPIO (8) via FCI Option
TPM: fTPM 2.0
Temp Std.:  -20° to +70°C
Temp Ext.:  -40° to +85°C (option upon request)
PSU DC Input: Single Voltage, wide range 20-30V (24V Nominal) Optional 7-36V
PSU Features: S-UPS, Beckhoff OCT (options upon request)
SBC Formfactor 3.5"-SBC 
Dimension: 102mm x 147mm (4" x 5.8")
Weight: approx. 165gr


The ADLE3900HD is the 2nd generation of ADL 3.5"-SBC Atom boards based on Intel's SoC processors E3900 series. Intel's 9th generation HD graphics engine supports significantly improved processing power and energy efficiency for stunning graphics performance. Even better power management features means that standby power is measured in milliwatts, enabling weeks of standby time. The ADLE3900HD is the full featured rich I/O version over the ADLE3900HD. With 2x SATA 6Gb/s and PCIe X1 this processor board be equipped with a wide range of extensions.

The powerful new Intel HD Graphics-500/505 engine is capable of simultaneous decode 3x 4k or encode 15x 1080p30 video streams - which makes it an ideal chioce for surveillance and other videocentric applications. The graphics output includes: VGA/CRT = 2560×1600@60Hz (via DVI connector), DVI/HDMI/DP (via I-PEX connector), DVI = 1920×1080@60Hz, HDMI = 3840x2160@60Hz, DP = 4096x2160@60Hz. With support for DirectX 12, Open GL 4.4, OpenCL 2.0, and hardware acceleration for H.265/HEVC, VC-1, WMV9, and VP9, Intel's Apollo Lake SoC Atom processor offers high graphics value and benefits over its predecessor, the Intel Bay Trail.

The ADLE3900HD is ideal for rugged, extended temperature embedded systems with a thermal junction temperature (Tj) ranging from –40C to 85C. It’s well suited for extreme environments such as industrial control and automation and in-vehicle communication and infotainment systems for commercial transportation systems. It’s superior graphics also make it ideal for rugged mobile computing, digital signage with secure content delivery, portable medical devices and interactive kiosks, vending, ATM and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. Optionally the ADLE3800HD can be equipped with a plug-in SUPS, which can keep the board alive for a few seconds in case of power failure or voltage fluctuation.

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Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
ADLE3900HD-E3930 tbd. Intel x5-E3930 Atom Processor; Dual Core, 2x 1.3 GHz, 2MB Cache, 6,5W TDP, 4GB RAM soldered
ADLE3900HD-E3950 tbd. Intel x7-E3950 Atom Processor; Quad Core, 4x 1.6GHz, 2MB Cache, 12W TDP, 8GB RAM soldered
Thermal solutions    
ADLE3900HD-SPREADER tbd. heat spreader for chassis mount ADLE3900HD
ADL35-BBHS 294152 large heat sink for ADLXXXHD CPU's
ADL35-LFAN 294154 large fan for ADL35-BBHS
ADL35-SOSET 294156 stand off set for ADL35-BBHS & LFAN
CS-100 290010 10"x10" thermal chassis simulator for development
ADL-ET 290000 Extended Temperature Screening (–40C to +85C)
UNDERFILL 807707 BGA underfill req’d for <1nm BGA solderballs w/ Ext Temp
COATING 807706 Conformal Coating
UNDERFILL/BONDING/COATING 807709 Underfilling, Bonding, and Conformal Coating