The CA2040-0000 power supply board is designed to meet the needs of high-powered Intel® Core™ industrial and embedded motherboards by providing robust ATX voltages (5V, 5VS, 3.3V, 12V) in a stackable PCI/104-Express form factor designed for operation at 150W. Its small (90mm x 96mm) footprint allows it to fit in many space limited applications. As well, the CA2040-0000 provides up to 500V of galvanic isolation from dirty power and unwanted transients. The CA2040-0000 features ATX compliant signaling to allow ACPI/APM power management from within compliant operating systems.

The CA2040-0000 boasts an MTBF >600,000hrs and is tailored for long-life embedded applications with more than enough headroom for inrush startup currents, and quiescent operation with our wide range of high-performance SBCs and multiple peripheral cards. A small, 1”x2” MIL-STD 704-1275/461 MILCOTS input filter option enables use on military avionics, ground vehicles and EMI-sensitive applications.

The board is protected against many types of input power anomalies, such as over-currents, voltage deviations and voltage surge. Short bursts of over-current are simply filtered out. Should overvoltage or under voltage situation persist too long, the power supply shuts off. Noise interference is dampened by up to 35dB. The output is protected against reverse voltage and short-circuit.

Ordering Information

Item Codes Part# Description
ADLPS104ISO-150-5 293042 ADLPS104ISO-150-5, 5V, 5VS, 3.3V, Isolated 150W VIN 7-36, Extended Temp w/ Heat Spreader
ADLPS104ISO-150-12 293043 ADLPS104ISO-150-12, 5V, 5VS, 12V, 3,3V, Isolated, 150W, VIN15-36, Extended Temp w/ Heat Spreader
Cabels & Accessoires    
ADLPS104ISO-150-HSP 293036 ADLPS104ISO-150-HSP Heat spreader for -40C to +85C operation; hardware kit included
MILCOTS-FILTER 293031 MIL-STD 704/1275/461 Input Filter; 120W max.