Picture Transportation


  • must work under harsh conditions
  • complex and cost-intensive certifications
  • long availability and migration path are a must

In the transport sector, the most diverse requirements come together. The most important of these are "shock & vibration" which cannot be neglected on trucks or tracked vehicles. In addition there are fluctuating board voltage nets - and not only in the starting torque! Finally one can say that an e1 accredited system is not far away from military suitability!

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Custom IPC/EPC Integration

ADL offers a range of COTS peripheral modules that can easily be integrated for added I/O functions like CAN, Ethernet, GPIO, Serial COM, storage and much more. Customers can also define custom peripheral boards for special I/O or power supply requirements as well as the custom enclosures necessary for complete solutions.

Vertical Expansion

Small, robust, long-term available! All this is available in an ADL Embedded-PC. The own industrial processor bards with the small dimensions
of only 75x75mm open up a completely new kind of application for you.

Horizontal Expansion

The ADL Peripheral board are designed for convenient expansion of the ADL SEC formfactor SBC via its Edge-Connect architecture. The actual ADL SBCs plus ADL L-Peripheral Board combined provide a complete 3.5" SBC solution with a host of expanded features including M.2 PCIe, SATA, DVI/HDMI, USB 3.0, UPS option and more.